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The B Ticket Blog Guide to Tsum Tsum

23 Nov

I’ve noticed a lot of people asking the same questions about the Tsum Tsum game app and how exactly it works. There seems to be some confusion around a couple of things, so I thought I would throw together this guide to address those things. It is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully this will clear up confusion so people will enjoy playing Tsum Tsum even more!


Any Tsum you own starts at Level One. Let’s use Woody as an example. Anytime the Woody Tsum comes up in gameplay, you will earn points towards his level. You will have to spend coins to continue to level up a Tsum every five levels. The Tsum’s level maxes out at 30.

This level does not effect your Tsum’s skill. The ONLY thing it effects is the number of points you get for clearing that Tsum. This is important because it will help you raise your score (and earn more coins!) but again, it will not effect the skill level. The score a Tsum will earn is listed under it’s level.


So how DO you raise the skill level? To do that, you have to purchase a box and receive a Tsum that is already in your collection. That Tsum’s skill level will then be raised. If you go to your collection and look at a Tsum, you can see their Skill level, what it means, and when it will level up. For example, my Woody Tsum’s skill level is at a 3 out of 6. The bar underneath shows his progress towards the next level–I will need to purchase three more Woody Tsums to increase the skill to 4. The effect is shown below–the area of the screen he clears will be medium sized.


Well, that’s the fun of the game! You don’t want to have mastered the whole thing in two weeks, do you? If you are frustrated with having to save up a long time for the Premium Boxes, I suggest focusing on the Regular Boxes at first. For example, having a highly skilled Chip or Dale will have your score improving and you’ll be making more coins before you know it!

The best thing you can do is just keep playing! Not only to improve your skills, but because your Tsums will be worth more points and you will keep earning more coins to try to improve their skills. It can feel like a very slow-go sometimes but I promise you will see your score get better and be earning more coins eventually.

Here are a few gameplay tips from me that I have either not seen elsewhere or seen contradicted elsewhere–

1. DON’T WAIT FOR FEVER TIME! I see a lot of people saying even if your Tsum is fully charged, you should wait until Fever Time to tap it. I disagree with this. It is better to get to Fever Time as quickly as possible than wait for any potential gain by using it during Fever Time. If you are only a combo or two away from getting to Fever Time, then it’s not a bad idea to wait a moment. But for the most part, waiting is going to cause you to waste time. I’ve noticed that the more quickly I get to Fever Time after beginning a game, the higher my score is in the end.

2. SLOW DOWN! Most people say to go as quickly as possible. While it’s important to keep your combo going, it’s best not to be overly frantic or else you are not going to make the best possible chains. The longer the chain, the more points it is worth and the faster you will get to Fever Time. This leads me to my next tip…

3. USE BUBBLES TO QUICKLY CLEAR CHAINS. A really long chain can take a long time to disappear, but if you pop a bubble right after making it, it will disappear almost instantaneously. When you get bubbles, don’t immediately pop them. First connect a long chain, then pop the bubble. If possible, make sure the bubble is far from the chain so you are still clearing Tsums with the bubble. Doing this right can really improve your game!

4. DO DAILY MISSIONS AND USE THEM TO ANALYZE GAMEPLAY. Daily missions help you earn coins, but they have a few other advantages, too. For one, it gets you playing every day. Like I said, the real key to improving is to keep playing, earning coins, and leveling up those Tsums. The other thing they can do is help you analyze your gameplay. While you’re playing, it would be really difficult to keep track of how many Fever Times you had. Unless you’re keeping a spreadsheet, you probably can’t compare different rounds very easily. However, you can use your Daily Mission information to check out patterns and improve. For instance, that’s how I came to the conclusion that it’s better to use your Tsum to get to Fever Time as fast as possible–when the daily mission was counting how many times I got there, I was watching to see how much it effected my score. It was pretty noticeable. Pay attention to this data and see if it gives you any insight to your gameplay.

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope this helps clear up some confusion about Tsum Level versus Skill Level and helps your improve your game play. Have fun!