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Disney Channel Throwback: In a Heartbeat

7 Dec


Do you remember In a Heartbeat? It aired on the Disney Channel from August 2000 to March 2001 and was about teen EMTs. Kind of like ER Junior. It starred Reagan Pasternak as the perfectionist, blond cheerleader type, Val. You may remember her as Veronica Dotwebb in The Brady Bunch in the White House. Just kidding. No one does.

It also starred one Mr. Shawn Ashmore, popular with the horny tween set in my day, as Tyler. He’s been in a few X-Men movies and he was also the sexy sexface Brad in Cadet Kelly.


lol maggots

Shawn was hot, sure. But he wasn’t my favorite. Oh no. My favorite, of course, was the token “bad boy”, Jamie. He was played by Christopher Ralph, who starred with Sean Ashmore on the Animorphs TV series previously. As a kid, I was a total Animorph nerd and Christopher Ralph played my favorite character, Tobias. So you could say I was a bit To-BIASED going into In a Heartbeat. (HEYOOOOO!)


“I’m so troubled. If only some girl would come along and change me…”

Also notable is Lauren Collins as Val’s little sister, Brooke. Of course, we all know her best as Paige how the fuck do you spell Michalchuk. And Danso Gordon as Tyler’s BFF.


She macked on Drake once, y’all. Ms. Kwan was all, “THESE ROOMS ARE CONNECTED BY INTERCOM!”

Luckily for us, there are a fair amount of episodes on YouTube. Here’s part one of the pilot to get you started. I love how they set things up with Tyler on the field, Val cheering on the sidelines and then cut under the bleachers to Jamie doing sexy bad boy things. Whatever, he was like 23 when they made this show. I agree with my younger self. Good choice, Clarflet. He is hot.

Anyway, here is the pilot to get your nostalgia bone throbbing. Enjoy.