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The B Ticket Blog Guide to Tsum Tsum

23 Nov

I’ve noticed a lot of people asking the same questions about the Tsum Tsum game app and how exactly it works. There seems to be some confusion around a couple of things, so I thought I would throw together this guide to address those things. It is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully this will clear up confusion so people will enjoy playing Tsum Tsum even more!


Any Tsum you own starts at Level One. Let’s use Woody as an example. Anytime the Woody Tsum comes up in gameplay, you will earn points towards his level. You will have to spend coins to continue to level up a Tsum every five levels. The Tsum’s level maxes out at 30.

This level does not effect your Tsum’s skill. The ONLY thing it effects is the number of points you get for clearing that Tsum. This is important because it will help you raise your score (and earn more coins!) but again, it will not effect the skill level. The score a Tsum will earn is listed under it’s level.


So how DO you raise the skill level? To do that, you have to purchase a box and receive a Tsum that is already in your collection. That Tsum’s skill level will then be raised. If you go to your collection and look at a Tsum, you can see their Skill level, what it means, and when it will level up. For example, my Woody Tsum’s skill level is at a 3 out of 6. The bar underneath shows his progress towards the next level–I will need to purchase three more Woody Tsums to increase the skill to 4. The effect is shown below–the area of the screen he clears will be medium sized.


Well, that’s the fun of the game! You don’t want to have mastered the whole thing in two weeks, do you? If you are frustrated with having to save up a long time for the Premium Boxes, I suggest focusing on the Regular Boxes at first. For example, having a highly skilled Chip or Dale will have your score improving and you’ll be making more coins before you know it!

The best thing you can do is just keep playing! Not only to improve your skills, but because your Tsums will be worth more points and you will keep earning more coins to try to improve their skills. It can feel like a very slow-go sometimes but I promise you will see your score get better and be earning more coins eventually.

Here are a few gameplay tips from me that I have either not seen elsewhere or seen contradicted elsewhere–

1. DON’T WAIT FOR FEVER TIME! I see a lot of people saying even if your Tsum is fully charged, you should wait until Fever Time to tap it. I disagree with this. It is better to get to Fever Time as quickly as possible than wait for any potential gain by using it during Fever Time. If you are only a combo or two away from getting to Fever Time, then it’s not a bad idea to wait a moment. But for the most part, waiting is going to cause you to waste time. I’ve noticed that the more quickly I get to Fever Time after beginning a game, the higher my score is in the end.

2. SLOW DOWN! Most people say to go as quickly as possible. While it’s important to keep your combo going, it’s best not to be overly frantic or else you are not going to make the best possible chains. The longer the chain, the more points it is worth and the faster you will get to Fever Time. This leads me to my next tip…

3. USE BUBBLES TO QUICKLY CLEAR CHAINS. A really long chain can take a long time to disappear, but if you pop a bubble right after making it, it will disappear almost instantaneously. When you get bubbles, don’t immediately pop them. First connect a long chain, then pop the bubble. If possible, make sure the bubble is far from the chain so you are still clearing Tsums with the bubble. Doing this right can really improve your game!

4. DO DAILY MISSIONS AND USE THEM TO ANALYZE GAMEPLAY. Daily missions help you earn coins, but they have a few other advantages, too. For one, it gets you playing every day. Like I said, the real key to improving is to keep playing, earning coins, and leveling up those Tsums. The other thing they can do is help you analyze your gameplay. While you’re playing, it would be really difficult to keep track of how many Fever Times you had. Unless you’re keeping a spreadsheet, you probably can’t compare different rounds very easily. However, you can use your Daily Mission information to check out patterns and improve. For instance, that’s how I came to the conclusion that it’s better to use your Tsum to get to Fever Time as fast as possible–when the daily mission was counting how many times I got there, I was watching to see how much it effected my score. It was pretty noticeable. Pay attention to this data and see if it gives you any insight to your gameplay.

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope this helps clear up some confusion about Tsum Level versus Skill Level and helps your improve your game play. Have fun!



Disney Channel Throwback: In a Heartbeat

7 Dec


Do you remember In a Heartbeat? It aired on the Disney Channel from August 2000 to March 2001 and was about teen EMTs. Kind of like ER Junior. It starred Reagan Pasternak as the perfectionist, blond cheerleader type, Val. You may remember her as Veronica Dotwebb in The Brady Bunch in the White House. Just kidding. No one does.

It also starred one Mr. Shawn Ashmore, popular with the horny tween set in my day, as Tyler. He’s been in a few X-Men movies and he was also the sexy sexface Brad in Cadet Kelly.


lol maggots

Shawn was hot, sure. But he wasn’t my favorite. Oh no. My favorite, of course, was the token “bad boy”, Jamie. He was played by Christopher Ralph, who starred with Sean Ashmore on the Animorphs TV series previously. As a kid, I was a total Animorph nerd and Christopher Ralph played my favorite character, Tobias. So you could say I was a bit To-BIASED going into In a Heartbeat. (HEYOOOOO!)


“I’m so troubled. If only some girl would come along and change me…”

Also notable is Lauren Collins as Val’s little sister, Brooke. Of course, we all know her best as Paige how the fuck do you spell Michalchuk. And Danso Gordon as Tyler’s BFF.


She macked on Drake once, y’all. Ms. Kwan was all, “THESE ROOMS ARE CONNECTED BY INTERCOM!”

Luckily for us, there are a fair amount of episodes on YouTube. Here’s part one of the pilot to get you started. I love how they set things up with Tyler on the field, Val cheering on the sidelines and then cut under the bleachers to Jamie doing sexy bad boy things. Whatever, he was like 23 when they made this show. I agree with my younger self. Good choice, Clarflet. He is hot.

Anyway, here is the pilot to get your nostalgia bone throbbing. Enjoy.

B Ticket Blog’s Holiday Giveaway!

25 Nov

Well hello there! I do believe it’s time for a giveaway! Enter for your chance to win the amazing Poster Art of the Disney Parks book–a must-have for any parks fan that would also make a fabulous Christmas gift if you already have a copy!

Ooooh. Ahhhh.

Ooooh. Ahhhh.

Click here to see the ways to enter! To listen to the podcast, you can either click here or find us on iTunes. Good luck!

The Clarf Movie Ride

12 Nov

Who among us hasn’t thought about what they would put in their own Great Movie Ride? Your own personal favorite movie scenes complete with state-of-the-art Audio-Animatronics. Your favorite lines repeated every time you ride. Not just “great” movies, but the greatEST movies–according to you. This post is exactly what my ride would be–the photos are the scenes and Audio-Animatronics I imagine, any caption in quotes is the audio you’d hear, and I’ve even written some cheesy guide dialogue in italics.  So, without further ado, come take a ride on The Clarf Movie Ride!!

First let’s visit some of those great movie musicals, starting with the 1986 Frank Oz film Little Shop of Horrors starring Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene and Levi Stubbs.

Little Shop

“I’d do I-don’t-know-what to get outta Skid!”

Then on our left, we see Julie Andrews, arms outstretched…
Before that in 1952, Julie Andrews shared with us the sound of music…

sound of music

The hills go from here all the way to here.

The role of Anita in the film version of West Side Story was played by Rita Moreno, but did you know Betty Wand dubbed her singing parts?


I got you, Betty.

Be careful, folks. This place gives me the creeps.

On our left we see…


“Come on, people. Say it. SAY IT.”

And as we come around the bend, on our right is…

Beetlejuice 1988 rŽal. : Tim Burton Winona Ryder Collection Christophel

dooby doo boo dee boop boop bee dooboo doop!

Then as we come to a stop, we pick up a hitchhiker!


Pee-Wee asks us for help finding his bike and hops on alongside our guide. Then the doors open and we see…


“They’re heeeere”

Guide: Who’s here, Carol Anne?

Pee-Wee: “Here” is the Secret Word! Let’s all scream!



” It lies to her. It tells her things only a child can understand. It has been using her to restrain the others. To her, it simply is another child. To us, it is The Beast.”


Guide: Did she say the Secret Word?


Together: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Our vehicle enters a dirty New York City scene. We pass an audio-animatronic figure of a frightened Kevin McCallister. He asks for our help pointing out Harry and Marv to police. They shine their spotlight on them thanks to our pointing and announce over a megaphone to freeze because they’re under arrest.

Pee-Wee: IT’S MY BIKE!!

Pee-Wee runs into the scene and is reunited with his bike at last.


I am so sorry for this Paint Faux-toshop.

How’s that for a happy ending, folks? Looks like we saved the day!

“Clair de Lune” is playing on a piano as we come upon the next scene…

We now enter the Penmark home, the setting of 1956’s The Bad Seed.

Bad Seed

I just want a Rhoda AA reeeeal baaaad.

We hear a tea kettle whistling as we move to the next scene.

Uh, excuse me… Is anyone here? The water’s boiling…

Mrs Doubtfire


Oh!! Why, it’s Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire! Dude looks like a lady! Don’t forget to ride Rock n Roller Coaster!

The next scene is from Titanic, when Rose dies and finds herself on the Titanic once more.



JACK! I’ll never let go… Or maybe I will.

And finally, we hear triumphant music as we see on our right…

bigwWhy, it’s the BIG DOUBLE YOU!



The entire cast is on our right.


Milton Berle: Will ya SHUT UP? (to Guide) You’ve seen the Big W?

Guide: Well, yes! It’s….

The Guide is cut off as the entire cast starts squabbling. We pass Johnathan Winters as he finally sees…


“That’s it! Sure! LOOK!”

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour through some of the greatest movie moments. But we’ve only scratched the surface of movies that Annie loves. Here are even more of her favorite films…

And we end with a montage of even more of my favorites, including Groundhog Day (“What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!”), My Girl (“Ode to ice cream, by Vada Sultenfuss.”) and The Neverending Story (“FALCOOOOOOR!”).

So next time I go to Disney World, I’ll bring an umbrella.

Ok, that’s not my real ending. I just said aloud, “So next time I go to Disney World…” and Wes filled in the rest. And I was amused so I typed it. Get off my back already. What I really wanted to say was that next time I go to Disney World, hopefully I’ll ride next to an Imagineer on a ride and they’ll take their Imagineer wand and tap me on the nose and I’ll get to ignore this whole Intellectual Property thing and make THE CLARF MOVIE RIDE!!

And there was much rejoicing.

On behalf of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I’d like to thank you for reading. Now, before we wrap this blog, we have one more scene. It’s called… THE EXIT! BITCHES! YOLO!

I’m the Baby, GOTTA LOVE ME: Dinosaurs “Big Songs” Cassette

8 Nov

ImageI remember listening to the Dinosaurs “Big Songs” cassette all the time as a kid, much like the Simply Mad about the Mouse cassette. Of course, the main difference between these is that “Big Songs” is definitely meant for children. Listening back now, I can’t imagine an adult enjoying this much. And I’m saying this as an adult woman who listens to Disney songs regularly. It’s a fun trip down memory lane but, wow. I’m not going to be adding this to any playlist. So let’s get down to the songs!

1. “I’m A Dinosaur (I Can Do Whatever I Want)”

This song has Baby Sinclair proclaiming that he can do whatever he wants (’cause he’s a dinosaur). It’s, just, exceedingly obnoxious. And yet I remember just thinking it was HILARIOUS as a kid. I am retroactively ashamed.

Sample lyric: No one can tell me I have to be quiet / Or take a nap at four / I can do whatever I want / ‘CAUSE I’M A DINOSAUR

2. “In a Perfect World”

This song reminds me of a song from a musical set in the 50’s with a splash of Aretha (what with the spelling). It’s even got the whole “Tell us about it, Charlene!” bit at the beginning. It’s about how in a perfect world there wouldn’t be any war. Oh, and all you’d do is shop and eat and you’re a natural blonde. I assume (read:hope) that it was meant to mock teenagers’ unique mix of selfish needs and wide-eyed optimism about changing the world. I must’ve listened to this one a lot, as it will randomly pop into my head from time to time.

Sample lyric: In a perfect world / Math wouldn’t be so hard / I’d have no credit limit on my dino credit card / I’d look great in a leotard

3. “I Wanna Be King”

This song effing blows. It’s like Poison meets Springsteen meets Lame As F**k. I didn’t even make it all the way through.

Sample Lyric: no

4. “Grandma’s Comin'”

Mothers-in-Law, amirite? This is a big band jazz sort of number–Louis Armstrong-esque. And it’s hilarious cuz MOTHERS-IN-LAW AMIRITE?

Sample Lyric: I wish I could make her disappear / Or maybe something worse

5. “Stone Age Bayou”

Little Annie, seriously? Why did you love this song? Weirdo.

Sample Lyric: He’d be the lizard / I’d wanna spend my life with / We’d build a home / Full of lava and stone

6. “I’m the Baby (Gotta Love Me)”

This is the song everyone remembers. Just reading the title makes you hear Baby Sinclair in your head. “I’m the baby, GOTTA LOVE ME!!!!” For some reason, this song doesn’t annoy me. I recognize it as annoying and yet I accept it. I even like it. I crack up every time we hear Earl go, “FRAN!!!” And I approve of Grandma’s deadpan delivery of “Don’t try this at home.” Baby Sinclair does say “poop”, though. So.

Sample Lyric: I take every chance to make a poop in my pants / But I’m the baby, and ya GOT TO

7. “Coldblooded Guy” 

I really can’t listen to this song and not think of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. It’s like Rock n Roll meets a really horrible boss. Or something. If you’re a working stiff, it may hit a little close to home.

Sample Lyric: I’m ill-tempered, disrespectful, nasty, cruel and vicious / I had a family once and they were delicious

8. “He’s a Lizard”

This is sort of a dinosaur torch song. All it really makes me want to do is listen to Reptar! on Ice.

Sample Lyric: I sit by the door and I wait for his roar as he staggers home / Smelling of lunch box and bark

9. “Poor Slobs with Terrible Jobs”

Another that I just find sort of depressing. It’s going to pop into my head whenever I’m hating my job now; I can feel it.

Sample Lyric: We’re scared to quit and on top of it / When the climate changes we’ll all freeze

10. “Eon after Eon”

Ah, yes. Now THIS I want to sing loudly to at 3am with my friends. It’s the dinosaur version of every late 80’s/early 90’s movie ballad. It’s got an electric guitar, a clarinet, and a harmony-heavy duet between a smooth-voiced woman and a soulful man. YES THIS IS THE ONE YOU GUYS.

Sample Lyric: Next time you’re down-hearted and you feel you don’t belong / It doesn’t mean that no one likes you, I’ll be here to say they’re wrong

11. “Be a Herbivore”

The food in Earl’s fridge begs him to become a herbivore. I don’t even know what to think. But I kind of want a “Go eat a leaf!” shirt.

Sample Lyric: As a snack, we’re a bore / Come on, be a herbivore

12. “Snoozin’ Time”

Oh thank god no, it’s the last one. This is a lullably from Fran to Baby Sinclair. It’s hilaaarious because she’s naming all the bad things he’s done all day but singing a sweet lullaby. Get it? GET IT? IT’S HILARIOUS

Sample Lyric: no

I have to say, listening to this entire album felt like a bit of a chore. They probably could’ve done, like, eight songs. But I remember listening to it all the time in my boom box, so it was fun to remember all those familiar tunes. I’m a little irritated with Little Annie for not being a cynical 5 year old and hating this, but I was at least 11 before I realized that everything is stupid.

While the songs are heavy on entertainingly corny dinosaur jokes, it doesn’t begin to match the wit of the show. The show was sarcastic and the jokes were layered. This album is a one-trick pony, with the exception of “I’m the Baby” and “Eon After Eon”. So, if you’ll excuse me, I need to relearn all the words to the latter so I can tipsily serenade Wes when he gets off of work. He’s gonna love it.




Disney Trolls Us All: It’s Tough to Be a Bug

2 Nov

Forget Dinosaur! The real terror of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is located underneath the Tree of Life. If you manage to make it through the queue unscathed, you are treated to the most terrifying 4D show to ever exist: It’s Tough to Be a Bug.

I can’t help but feel like Disney is trolling us. The supposed “message” of the show is that bugs are our friends, but the true message is that bugs are Flikkin’ scary and you should live each day in abject terror. This post will be peppered with screenshots of actual reviews of the ride which prove my point.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the queue of the version of It’s Tough to Be a Bug at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is located underneath the Tree of Life. Before the netting was added, this really set the tone for the rest of the ride as the walkway was littered with unconscious guests who had been struck by falling tree limbs. The tree itself is just dumb–ANYONE can make a fake tree! I can get one at Walmart right now if I want!


Or Kmart, if you’re fancy.


Alternately, in Disney’s California Adventure, there is no Tree of Death Life, so the queue is a different kind of horror show…


The aunts… They were everywhere…


I mean, sure. There’s a warning sign that says it may be frightening for children. But it’s a 4D movie! About bugs! Who could have known it would be frightening to children? Plus there is no warning for the worst part of the whole affair…

panic attack

The warning sign doesn’t say anything about RUINING MY DAY!

Yes, it would be nice for Disney to warn me before I am shivved in the back by “wasps”. I don’t want to assume here. I never have and I never would and I never will. This isn’t the B Ticket Blog of Assumptions. But I think this reviewer is possibly prone to exaggeration. Just a possibility. A slight one. I’m not even sure where I’m getting that impression. I do know they need to add some things to the warning sign… “Will cause panic attacks in children who panic when being stabbed in the back!” AND HEY WAIT A MINUTE!! How did she know about the bugs that run under your butt if she didn’t get to finish the show? What is this sorcery?

Now, as I was Googling to confirm that you are indeed poked (and not blasted with air or shocked as some people seem to think) I came across a LOT of whiners. I’ll admit that I sit forward in my seat but not from fear of grave injury. I saw one person claiming it broke their skin! I have a lot of trouble believing that anyone is injured, even acutely, by being poked by a rubber stick with a rounded tip. But it’s more believable than, say, someone sticking hypodermic needles in there with AIDS in them. Which would make a pretty good Urban Legend, so get on that everybody. Whoever makes the scariest chain e-mail wins!

Half of the fun of this ride is waiting for the screaming to start. Call me sick, call me depraved, call me Claus, but man it is entertaining. When I have kids, I wouldn’t be surprised if I purposefully take them on here just to scare the crap out of them and then laugh.

How to cap this post? I know! How about I post a hilaaaarious review I came across. I read it and think, ‘Wow. Now that is humor.’ If only Javier hadn’t misspelled Flik at the end, it would be COMEDY PERFECTION.

I'll let you decide if that last paragraph was sarcastic.

I’ll let you decide if that last paragraph was sarcastic.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?: Phantom Theater at King’s Island

30 Oct

When I was a little kid my dad took me to King’s Island all the time. I wish he’d been into taking photos, because the Hanna Barbera was strong with that one and things were so good. There was a great playground, the bumper cars were all Flintstones, and there was a goddamn Black Cauldron ride. I loved the Smurf-themed flume ride, but I shed no tears when it’s replacement showed up–Phantom Theater.

Now, I can’t lie. This is tied up with a lot of nostalgia and Dad-stuff for me. That is to say, I loved it but a lot of why I loved it because Dad and I had so much fun on it. I remember there was always an employee on a stool as you first entered to check your unnecessary lap bar. Dad taught me to point and scream at this employee. Some would laugh, some would look at us as though we were the Worst Things Ever. As a retail employee, I understand both reactions. But goddamn if I didn’t think we were seriously funny. (He also taught me to spray the Water Gun Race Game employee with my water gun while he won the toy. Good times.)

This ride ripped off a lot of Haunted Mansion: from Brunhilda to the ballroom scene. The soundtrack is basically jacking off to Danny Elfman in your ears.

Now, I credit this ride with giving me a high opinion of what my local theme park is capable of. Which is my little way of saying King’s Island sucks now. See, in my day King’s Island was owned by Paramount. The theming was still pretty good for a local amusement park. I remember waiting in a 90 minute line for what was then Top Gun, with “Danger Zone” and “Take My Breath Away” playing as I simultaneously viewed some bomber jackets and was frightened by the spaces in the floor far above a creek below. And then I got to ride a pretty cutting edge coaster for about five seconds. But anyway.

Phantom Theater was great and obviously meant to be a nod to the Haunted Mansion. It was an Omnimover and the vehicles were essentially Doom Buggies. I can’t seem to find confirmation, but my brain is pretty sure the same company manufactured both ride vehicles, if not the entire ride. I swear I’ve read this, where did it go? Wikipedia, you fickle lover.

And before I get to the video, I have one more point to make. It is this ride that has given me all of my Disney Perspective. That is to say, people claim Disney rides are in extreme disrepair and get very upset. I have trouble sympathizing because I loved this ride and watched it fall into actual disrepair. The audio animatronics’ jaws were falling off, some effects hadn’t worked for YEARS, and it stopped more often and for longer than Haunted Mansion ever has or will. I watched this beloved ride get so bad that I wished for it’s death, because it wasn’t truly living. Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic, but not entirely. Seriously, YEARS of failing audio animatronics and broken effects before it was closed. The likes of which Disney will never, EVER see. So, yes. I get upset about things not working on Splash Mountain. But I know things at Disney will seriously NEVER get to the point I watched this ride get to, which was as special to me as any Disney ride.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve watched King’s Island dilapidate far more than a Disney Park ever will. Now it’s all thrill rides. You ride a classic ride like the Racer and are treated to spit all over the walls before you pull into the station. Effects on rides that still exist from when I was young have all been turned off and forgotten (especially on Adventure Express). It’s a very real example of what would and should actually upset fans.

But, hey! It’s just King’s Island. No one really cares. Business hasn’t been effected. So, Disney fans? Seriously, sleep soundly knowing that your park could never go from, say, 1996’s King’s Island to today’s Cedar Fair abomination. Disney-level theming has been replaced with the TALLESTFASTESTCRAYCRAYESTYOLO coaster race, and I am so effing grateful Disney hasn’t jumped on that HoverBoard.

So watch this crude video of Phatom Theater and try to sympathize with my childhood that misses it’s Personal Local Haunted Mansion. (The video doesn’t do it justice–it was so much fun. RIP Phantom)

And now–not a great ride-through but one of the better ones. Justice has not been done,



-The queue with the phantom? I remember waiting upwards of an hour. And darn glad I did! You young people. I swear. “What are YOU looking at?”

-Still most quotable line for me and Dad: “So, you wanted to see the theater, did you? Well, go ahead. LOOK AROUND.

“Hey, who’s out there?! No one’s allowed backstage.” I love that most of the AAs were creeped out by our voyeurism.

-“Go ahead… LOOK around… We haven’t had any victims–I–I mean VISITORS…”

-“Halt, I am the centurion…”

“Going someplace? HAHAHAHAH. How ’bout some HEAT?! HAHAHAH” This was the first effect to fail. It originally blew hot air from the furnace but then for years would blast you will sometimes unwelcome cold air. My dad and I quoted it constantly anyway.

“You’ll be baaack… You’ll be baaaack…. AHAHAHAHAHA….” Complete HM exit audio rip-off yet so much creepier.

So if you forget Disney and Universal exist then wasn’t that a fantastic dark ride?  I’d sell my soul to ride it again. Hear that?? I’d sell MY SOUL to ride it again!! If any demons are reading, let me know. But dumb jokes aside, it was a crazy-themed ride for a kiddie-local-theme park dark ride and frankly it means more to me than most Disney rides. And thanks to it’s horrible treatment I have a lot of Disney perspective.

So thank you so effing much Dad for showing me what a great ride is! And thank you Paramount and Cedar Fair for showing me what truly bad park management looks like. I can’t thank either of you enough.


How Mackelmore Made Me $300

7 Oct

Since I don’t have a car anymore, it’s pretty exciting when someone offers to cart me around for the day.  On this particular day, Wes was off, and we were going to the GROCERY STORE!!!

But we had a key to return to my friend Whitney (long story involving an old dining room table and a fishbowl) so we headed there first. On the way, we heard the song “Thrift Store” by Mackeral. That’s when I decided we needed to hit Valley.


I’m goin’ goin’, down to Valley Valley…

So off we went, slowly. Wes drives really slowly. And he must use his blinker as much as possible. But I love him so I won’t make fun of him. I never would and I never will. Just find some other Xanga if that’s what you want. Just go listen to a P!nk song if that’s what you want. Just go sit behind some elderly Alzheimer’s patient’s Buick if that’s what you want. That wasn’t me making fun of him. Why would you even think that? Seriously, get off my Kiwibox journal. And you can forget about joining my Onelist group.


Oh yeah, this has nothing to do with Disney. Not one little thing. I shouldn’t even be writing this. You shouldn’t even be reading this.

So we arrive at the thrift store. It’s packed. We circle the parking lot for close to 20 minutes before we get a spot. I offer to forgo the quest, but Wes is committed now. We go straight to the board game/toy/VHS area. Crowded, unpleasant, awkward. It IS a public space, after all. Blargh.

I pick up a weird candy tin that looks like a film reel with a glittery “Mickey’s Toontown” decal. I figure I can use it to store my herbs. My herbs that I cook with. My cooking herbs.

Then I find a Best of Match Game DVD for $3. I’ve seen it at Half Price for that much. I’ve bought it as a gift at Half Price for that much. Ok, maybe I want it. Sure. I’m poor. I want to spend money. I want to hear the melodious laugh of Brett Somers. I like bird doodie.
But then I spotted these weird plates and was somehow enamored. With their enamel? I don’t know. I wanted them. I asked Wes’ permission–it seemed right considering dishes are his chore and he’d have to use them. He agreed so long as I got rid of four old plates. DEAL! I told myself I could borrow Dad’s Match Game DVDs and I liked the dumb plates. So I silently asked St. Nelson Reilly for forgiveness as I set down the DVDs and took the plates up to the counter.


I still can’t decide if I have a good eye or if these are really tacky…

When I got home, I felt compelled to try to Google these plates. I can’t quite recall any exact reasoning or what exactly my search terms were. It was something like “jungle plate set leopard”. Eventually I found a site with the plates. It said they were worth EIGHTY DOLLARS A PIECE!! Ok, so they are listed for that. They probably aren’t really WORTH that. Second source? Third? All the same amount.




That’s right, I randomly picked up a set of plates for $3.99 at the thrift store that are worth over $300! Sure, it’s not some rare Chinese horse on Antiques Roadshow, but that’s pretty damn good! Considering it’s a banner month if I make over one grand, I really hit the jackpot.

So instead of eating decadently reheated chili off of these cool jungle plates, I’m going to try to sell them. But hey, if you think that money will go towards anything but a WDW vacation, then you need to find another Tumblr.

Disney Research OR B Ticket Blog’s First Umlaut

7 Oct

I’m chained to a computer against my will with nothing to do today. All the blogs I read are read, all the sites I casually visit out of boredom have been viewed, all the Twitters have been tweeted. What’s a girl to do? Write a blog of course! But about what? WHAT?

Hoping something would strike me, I did a Google News search for Disney.


Ooh yeah baby, keep harvesting that energy… a little to the left…


Well, now. That’s pretty darn interesting. Disney Research has found a way to make a flat touch screen feel as though it has texture.


They’ve also found a way to generate energy from rubbing/touching paper.



Pretty cool, huh? And then there’s this cool update to the old-fashioned wet willies of the past… Rick Rolling will never be the same!



Ok, so Disney Research is coming up with all of this great stuff. How come I didn’t even know “Disney Research” existed?? I mean, obviously I knew they had a Research team, but I knew nothing of what Disney Research actually is and does.

According to their web site,

Disney Research was launched in 2008 as an informal network of research labs that collaborate closely with academic institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH).

They have labs in Calfornia, Pittsburgh, Boston, and Zürich. Why isn’t there some sort of showcase for these things at, oh, I don’t know… INNOVENTIONS? Not that fire safety and saving money aren’t really innovative, but come on now. I want to stick my finger in your ear.

They’ve even revolutionized plant-touching.



So subscribe to their YouTube channel and keep an eye on the awesomeness!

Danny and Annie’s Blahblah ThingyThing

2 Oct

It’s time for our podcast!, episode 6: Busting Out a Heimlich!

Punctuation, what?

Anyway, in this episode,

Annie and Danny recap the rest of Dan’s Disneyland trip, his thoughts on eating food out of cones and how customer service and OSHA don’t mix. Annie goes into depth about how all of the princesses look great, except for skanky Aurora.

Then they spend the rest of the episode ranking and discussing the many Walt Disney World resort hotels from Best to Not as Best.

Also notable: Annie is far more prepared than Dan for their main topic, Dan gets a little drunk, and Annie thinks his rankings are bad (because they ARE).

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