About This Blog

Who am I?

Big, fat nobody!! I have no credentials, no nothing. I’m just a Disney fan word-vomiting everywhere like I just rode Mission: Space Orange.

Ok, then what are you doing, exactly?

My initial vision for this blog was to take the reader along for the ride as I tried to become a Disney know-it-all, but unsurprisingly my intentions have evolved since I started writing. Now I just write about whatever is piquing my interest at the time. I used to want to research things I thought I should know more about and write what I learned, in my voice, but I think it’s much more interesting personally and for the reader if I write about whatever random thing is grabbing me at the moment. The best Disney dubstep may not be hard-hitting, but there are plenty of great bloggers doing the heavy-lifting.

So how can I trust your information?

I would never intentionally spread false knowledge, but there’s a good chance that the facts I present will be contested. I welcome this. If you think my account is inaccurate, please share. My intent is to learn, so learn me!


So, why should I read your blog?

Because you like it!

All your facts are wrong.

Please correct me!! I’m trying to write from a know-nothing perspective, so I absolutely encourage corrections. Citations are helpful, but I will amend an entry with any (REAL) counter-information. I’ll even at least entertain crazy rumors, because they are usually amusing at least.

I think I like this blog.

Seriously?!?! YAY!!! I love you more than you love me, I promise.

I would like you to write about something/I want to bitch at/correct you privately:

You can reach me at djphob@gmail.com or on Twitter @djphob.






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