You Have Found a Thousand Eyes: Magic Journeys

25 Nov

I once wrote a hilarious blog about Magic Journeys. It disappeared. This is not that blog.


Sort of reminds me of the Silence of the Lambs poster. So.

It was a part of a entire series I wrote about the Imagination Pavilion. Out of bitterness, I haven’t attempted to re-write any parts until now.

Magic Journeys was an Opening Day attraction in the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot. It later replaced the Mickey Mouse Revue in 1987 before closing for good in 1993. Everyone who made it clearly had some really, really good shit.

It was directed by Murray Lerner, a best documentary Oscar-winner and fan of rock musicians your stoner aunt is also into. The music is by the duly-lauded Sherman Brothers, who in my imagination ate some magic Mickey waffles before penning the theme song.

Just look at these lyrics:

You are riding on the winds
Where the universe begins
Through the atoms that repose
In the heartbeat of a rose

Heartbeat of a rose, eh? Ok then.

It’s suposed to be “a look at the world through the eyes of a child”. It’s more like “a look at the world through the eyes of someone who has some really, really good shit”. I know, you’re all like, “WE GET IT CLARF. DRUGS.” but watch it. WATCH it and tell me it could be made if marijuana didn’t exist.

I mean, the echoing laughter of children has always walked a fine line between adorable and really fucking creepy. I’d say it’s just the tip of the iceberg of really fucking creepy in Magic Journeys. We have:

-creepy flying laughing kid
-creepy carousel with kids reaching for a gold ring
-creepy kids riding carousel horses through space with kids singing “trick or treat trick or treat…” in the background
-bats fly at your face before a scary witch face appears on the moon
-A SLOW MOTION CIRCUS and all the kids watch and laugh like it’s totally okay
-creepy music box music playing
-a questionable ringmaster magician type appears and shoots fire at children while they laugh their creepy echo laughs
-kids shrink and fly through space

Even if you don’t think they were all on drugs, you must admit that the whole thing is like some weird fever dream. That said, it’s amazing and I love it and I think it is the only thing that could sensibly replace Captain EO at the Disney Parks. It makes even less sense than EO, but somehow more. It’s dated. It’s cheesy. It’s unintentionally frightening. It will get a song in your head. And I think that Disney fans would be much more accepting of it considering it was an OG Epcot attraction plus features a Sherman Brothers acid trip song.

So let’s hear it for this wonderfully creepy, weird, decidedly classic attraction that I wish I heard mentioned more often by fans. Ya know, besides me making drug jokes on Twitter.


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